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10 Reasons NOT to Count on Your Facebook Group

This blog is a  page of  Cartoonist Guide to the Society of networks; a project I did with the support of the Arabic Network for Human Rights. The guide is basically a range of social media solutions supported by tutorials, … Continue reading

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Did Social Media Supported or Drived the Egyptian Revolution?

A presentation I gave in Re:Publica11 in Berlin It was live blogged here  by my amazing friend JillianYorck Find more about the event under this Twitter hastag (#rp11)

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The Man Behind Omar Seluiman

Over the Egyptian revolution, state –run TV along with the private satellite channels  owned by the regime associated businessmen, who, were portraying people of Tahrir square as ‘spies, who have hidden agenda’, the protestors were trained on ‘conducting non-violent coupe … Continue reading

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New Woman… New Media

This morning I had a Skype call with Nevine Fahem, from New Woman Foundation, a leading Cairo based NGO in the field of women rights. I first met Nevine last summer, when they started their project Women of Minya- Day … Continue reading

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Cartoonists… Social Media…Why not?!

Over the Egyptian revolution, numerous solidarity marches took place all over the world, in which we saw some cartoons on the protestors’ placards, especially those by the talented Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Lattuff *********** The internet is a gift for everybody, … Continue reading

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What Type of Digital Activist Are You?!

  Digital activism in the Middle East could be the most appealing topic to researchers who were fascinated by ‘blogging phenomena’ in mid 2000s and ‘Facebook strike’ in Egypt in 2008, also for journalists who made hundreds of interviews with … Continue reading

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Dear Tweeps: your bedrooms are watched!

‘Myself is MY Twitter account so, it’s mostly about me’ … ‘I guess I’m tweeting to my friends, fans… and I’m tweeting to myself’… ‘I’m very conscious that Twitter is public, I won’t tweet anything I didn’t want my mother,employer,professor … Continue reading

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