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10 Reasons NOT to Count on Your Facebook Group

This blog is a  page of  Cartoonist Guide to the Society of networks; a project I did with the support of the Arabic Network for Human Rights. The guide is basically a range of social media solutions supported by tutorials, … Continue reading

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How BCU Students Use Social Media

Not a long time after offering a social media consultancy audit for a Chinese students in BCU , and helping her with expanding her social circle and job haunting, I spotted  Mark’s tweet  of some interesting figures on how students … Continue reading

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Reflections on Videos of 5 Women

In my last blog, I embeded  videos of five women from different parts of the world, all are (or had been) living away from their home countries. Basically, I was investigating the way they utilized social mediums in their expatriation … Continue reading

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Women Expats’ Experiences with Social Media

A couple of weeks ago, I offered a social media audit to a Chinese student in BCU, who wanted to grow her social life in the UK and become more visible to employers.  A few days ago, I was in … Continue reading

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My Social Media Audit Winner

In We are What We Tweet conference, a raffle was drawn for a MiFi and seven free social media audits provided by MA Social Media students (myself included). The winner to whom I should offer the service is Joyce He; … Continue reading

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Did Social Media Supported or Drived the Egyptian Revolution?

A presentation I gave in Re:Publica11 in Berlin It was live blogged here  by my amazing friend JillianYorck Find more about the event under this Twitter hastag (#rp11)

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Social Media, Mainstream Media and the Egyptian Revolution Coverage

This is a presentation I gave in We Are What We Tweet Wawwt View more presentations from Noha Atef According to the agenda you’ve got, I’m going to talk on how I have been following the Egyptian revolution through social … Continue reading

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