How BCU Students Use Social Media

Not a long time after offering a social media consultancy audit for a Chinese students in BCU , and helping her with expanding her social circle and job haunting, I spotted  Mark’s tweet  of some interesting figures on how students are using social media, the statics are based on a questionnaire taken by more than 300 media students in BCU a few months ago.
Yet to be published, the results of this survey showed that  Facebook is the most popular network for them; as 70.5% of those who taken the survey check their accounts more than once a day, followed by YouTube (28.4%) and Twitter (26.8%) as the three are the most visited on a daily basis.
The popular, easy and interesting networks are the most likely to have more members of the BCU media students, what points that my using Facebook groups within the solutions I delivered to my client was a good idea, however suggesting a not-very -popular network like Internation was a little tricky.
Keeping in touch with friends is the main goal for them, as 98% of the participant students opted for it as their first purpose of using social media; actually 49.7% of them use websites recommended by their tutors and 36.6% uses the networks recommended by industry contact. My client tends to avoid friendship requests from people she haven’t met in person, unlike 38% of the students who participated in this questionnaire, who would accept friend/connection requests from people you have never met offline.
On the professional level, 47.7% use social medium to finding a placements or a job, 66.3% have their CVs or work samples online (Mahara  and Linkden are topping the list) 52.6% of the participants managed to connect easily with industry professionals through social media ; as 19.5 % followed/befriended industry professionals through social media, and then applied for media placements or jobs with them through other means, especially emails and phone calles. Nevertheless,Twitter, Mahara and Linkden were cited by the majority of students as the most useful networks for connecting with professionals.
These figures tell that I should have spent more time with my client on her linkden profile, giving advices on how it could be upgraded, updated and promoted, whereas, it was a good decision to let the client learn more about Twitter and how to be used for job haunting.

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