My Social Media Audit Winner

In We are What We Tweet conference, a raffle was drawn for a MiFi and seven free social media audits provided by MA Social Media students (myself included). The winner to whom I should offer the service is Joyce He; a Chinese business student in BCU.

Initially, He mentioned she wants her prize to be a session on how to create a personal website, what gave me the impression of being a musician or a designer, as people in creative industries are the most likely to need personal websites; to expose their portfolios and work samples, but the service I offered to Joyce was totally different!
When I met  He, we started  a friendly chat to break the ice as well as to see the things she is doing and how social media can support them. The Chinese student told me she doesn’t really know what social media means, and that’s why she attended We are What We Tweet , accordingly she doesn’t have expectations from social networks.
At the same time, my client had a negative prejudice on social mediums; she was telling me about a girl committed suicide because of a relationship she built on Facebook, confirming that there are many similar incidents; what made He herself doesn’t accept friendship requests from people she doesn’t know personally even if they have  friends in common.

My first task  was to dislodge this misconception for socializing through the social network, He is on Facebook but not a frequent user, I kept giving her examples on how the social network benefitted me and my friends, and showing her the Facebook accounts of  some of Chinese friends. The second task was to identify her goals of this social media audit. I spent with my client around 80 minutes, around 60 of them showing her how Facebook could help with enhancing the social life for an expat and help with  job haunting; explaining how Twitter works and what she can get from it for the career development  and introducing her to  Internations, a network for expats around the world.

After delivering this service, I was thinking of what I’ve learned from He, I think the main experience I got was how to present the social networks to someone who doesn’t trust them and with limited technical knowledge.

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