The Jersey of the Prime Minister

Ahmed Shafeek was the prime minister appointed by Mubarak before handing the power over, though, the currently ruling military council kept Shafeek in his occupation; which outraged most of the Egyptians, who didn’t accept Shafeek’s reaction to the revolution…

The prime minister who had been minister of civil aviation since 2002, used to dress formally, may be because of his job, but after he was appointed as a chief cabinet, he took his jacket and tie off and put on a jersey instead!

This ‘new look’ was not to pass without being discussed by people on their own media platforms. On Twitter and Facebook, Shafeek’s jersey was the city talk, for many people, the pro-Mubarak man took of his formal suit to look more casual and may be younger, as a way to approach young people who sparked the revolution.

pulloverShafi2’ means Shafeek’s jersey, بلوفر شفيق means Shafeek jersey and yes, all the content you find in the provided links is about the jersey that became more famous than the man!

When Shafeek was hosted on a talk show, people were waiting to see what clothes he is in, surprisingly, she didn’t wear a jersey, what made the hostess ask him politelyour audience online are wondering, why don’t you put on your jersey tonight?!’
This was the last appear to Shafeek, who resigned the next morning, after 2 weeks only of being the chief cabinet, saying he couldn’t stand the public pressure, what made the prominent Palestinian writer Mourid Barghouti tweet this.

At the moment, Shafeek’s jersey has lots of fans, who are supporting the jersey not Shafeek, in other words, they like the man who head the government to be casual and wear what a common man would wear, however the support is restricted to the jersey, not to Shafeek!

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