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3 Social Media Stories from the Egyptian Revolution

Decades ago, mainstream media could broadcast and people watch; later people watched and reacted through mailing the programs or calling them on air. Today, we have our citizen media, we may critique or promote mainstream media Story1: The Man Behind … Continue reading

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“We’re Devastated… My Niece is Craving Pizza’

Once upon a social media time, people were watching everything mainstream media broadcast. Tthis morning my sister shared with me a 46 seconds video; a comment of an Egyptian actress on the revolution, which in 2 days only, the video … Continue reading

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The Jersey of the Prime Minister

Ahmed Shafeek was the prime minister appointed by Mubarak before handing the power over, though, the currently ruling military council kept Shafeek in his occupation; which outraged most of the Egyptians, who didn’t accept Shafeek’s reaction to the revolution… The … Continue reading

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The Man Behind Omar Seluiman

Over the Egyptian revolution, state –run TV along with the private satellite channels  owned by the regime associated businessmen, who, were portraying people of Tahrir square as ‘spies, who have hidden agenda’, the protestors were trained on ‘conducting non-violent coupe … Continue reading

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